Motor Takaful

Motor Takaful registered under motor vehicle act and move on the roads has to be protected under motor vehicles Takaful.

Motor Takaful cover is available on comprehensive coverage for private and commercial vehicles, modified according to the Participant’s requirements. This coverage protects road vehicles from losses if incurred due to road accidents and legal liabilities that might arise due to accidents.

Motor Takaful is an agreement between the Takaful Operator and the participant wherein the Takaful provides financial cover for the vehicle and the participant in return pays specific contribution annually. Motor Takaful provides protection for your vehicle against the financial loss and liability that could result as a part of accident or theft. A Motor Takaful plan covers against loss or damage to your vehicle due to accidental fire, theft or accident. It also covers bodily injury or death of a third party as well as loss or damage of a third party’s property. Covers against third party risks across Pakistan were made compulsory under the Road Transport Act 1939. It is an offence for any person to use or cause or permits any other person to use a motor vehicle without necessary coverage.

Motor Coverage

At this juncture, Asakri window Takaful only accepts Motor comprehensive covers.

Comprehensive Covers

  • Third Party Bodily Injury and Death
  • Third Party Property Loss or Damage
  • Loss or Damage to your Own Vehicle due to accidental fire, theft or accident
  • Windscreen Breakage
  • Passenger Liability
  • Liability to Passengers
  • Strike, Riot
  • Flood (Special Perils)

Benefit Reporting Process

To report a benefit / claim contact Customer service centre 111-444-687 – askari Takaful Limited or nearest Branch immediately.

  • Local Law Enforcement Agencies shall be reported on urgent basis (if applicable).
  • Participant shall complete the benefit / claim form and furnish other requisite documents for prompt processing of benefit.